Nickel-Chrome (NiChrome) Wire Loops, Handles, and Combo-Loops

Accurate analysis of sample growth starts with proper specimen set up.

Nickel-Chrome (NiChrome) Wire Loops CAS313-25 5 mm ø - 26 Ga. NiChrome Wire Inoculating Loop - 25 per Tube

For specimen handling in Microbiology, loops are an essential tool to plant and streak samples. While some laboratories opt for Disposable Plastic Loops, many prefer economical and environmentally friendly wire loops.

COPAN offers calibrated and non-calibrated NiChrome wire loops, as well as loop handles, combo loops and calibration tool gauges.

  • Flexible loops, made from a twisted 80/20 blend of medical grade Nickel-Chrome wire that cools more quickly than other loop material, allowing laboratory technicians to work quickly
  • Economical and durable NiChrome loops withstand frequent heating and cooling for thousands of streaks
  • Precision crafted, ultra-smooth loops will not gouge agar medium when when performing delicate tasks
  • Certified accuracy using FDA Drill Bit Method, with calibration certificate in every box of loops
  • Combo-loops (combined loop + handle) offer the convenience of a ready-to-use system with loop attached to a lightweight insulated aluminum color coded handle
  • Simple to use calibration tool gauge allows users to verify loop accuracy, ensuring that loop has not become distorted or encrusted with buildup of carbonized material from repeated flaming

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