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From its humble beginnings, Copan has evolved into a global leader and pioneer in pre-analytical innovations for microbiology. As a privately held organization, Copan retains the flexibility to swiftly translate customer requirements into groundbreaking solutions. Copan’s unwavering commitment to innovation through partnership with the microbiology community help us to propel pre-analytics forward, advancing Sample Collection & Transport, Full Laboratory Automation, Digital Microbiology, and Artificial Intelligence in the laboratory. Our dedication to meeting the challenges faced in laboratories move us to explore new horizons, driven by a commitment to continually raise the bar in delivering advanced and comprehensive technologies that support clinical laboratories and enhance patient care.

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The W.I.S.E. Approach






W.I.S.E. is a visionary strategy tailored for clinical microbiology laboratories. Combining the crucial elements of sample collection, preservation, and transport with automated sample processing, full laboratory automation and artificial intelligence for interpretation, Copan has pioneered a transformative journey. Beginning with a groundbreaking reinvention of the swab, we have developed a comprehensive solution that empowers laboratories to deliver the highest level of service for clinicians and patients.

Our Mission

Our commitment lies in providing innovative sample collection and transport products and industry leading, state-of-the-art laboratory automation and artificial intelligence solutions for Microbiology. We have a responsibility to serve Microbiology and medical communities. We are driven by our passion for ongoing innovation, delivering exceptional products, best in class service, and effective solutions that enhance pre-analytical processes and ultimately contribute to the well-being of patients.

People-Focused Innovation

Copan creates high-quality preanalytical solutions to meet laboratories’ needs. At Copan, we recognize the importance of our role: though our products are integral to the initial stages of the diagnostic process, we are acutely aware that at the end of this process, there is always a human life that matters. This awareness drives our mission and shapes our approach in everything we do.

The Copan Diagnostics Team

Our team connects individuals at the forefront of the laboratory. Originating in Italy, we’ve expanded globally, maintaining a small company, people focused mindset that prioritizes communication, humility, and shared respect. Copan remains under the ownership and management of the Triva Family, led by Stefania Triva as the CEO of Copan Group. Copan Diagnostics and our North and South America operations are lead by Fabrizio Mazzocchi.


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Innovation Through the Decades: Copan's Journey

1979 - Copan Founded in Italy

Copan was founded by the late Giorgio Triva in Mantua, Italy as a distributor and manufacturer of laboratory products like pipettes and loops.

1994 - Copan Diagnostics Founded in California

Recognizing the need for closer connections with scientific communities across the Atlantic, Daniele Triva met Norman Sharples and together they founded Copan Diagnostics bringing Copan products and innovative vision to the United States and Canada.

2003 - Revolutionizing Sample Collection with Patented FLOQSwabs®

Seeking better diagnostic tools, Daniele Triva invented flocking technology, culminating with the FLOQSwabs® flocked swab device with soft nylon fibers and no solid plastic core allowing better sample uptake and elution of clinical samples.

2007 - Pioneering Automation

As Copan pushed boundaries in microbiology with FLOQSwabs®, their custom manufacturing lines required pioneering in-house automation. Leveraging this expertise, Copan worked with microbiologists to develop the WASP® Walk Away Specimen Processor.

2012 - Full Laboratory Automation

Expanding on earlier automation successes, Copan introduced WASPLab® to deliver Full Laboratory Automation and Digital Microbiology.

Today - Expanding Global Impact

After 40+ years of preanalytical innovation, Copan has developed into a global leader in sample collection, laboratory automation and AI, Copan’s W.I.S.E. Solution innovates end-to-end preanalytic workflows – from sample collection to transport, processing, interpretation, and data management.