Flocked Swabs & Traditional Swabs

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Flocked Swabs & Traditional Swabs

Copan offers dry packaged swabs, including patented FLOQSwabs® featuring breakthrough flocked fiber technology for instantaneous uptake and elution of samples. Copan also offers a full range of traditional fiber wrapped swabs for routine transport procedures across bacteriology workflows.

FLOQSwabs® Flocked Swabs

FLOQSwabs® revolutionize sampling with a molded plastic applicator and thin nylon fiber coating that utilizes powerful capillary action to instantly uptake and release over 90% of pathogens, maximizing pathogen capture and recovery recovery for improved sensitivity across clinical assays.

CLASSIQSwabs™ Standard Fiber Wrapped Swabs

Used for sample collection and transfer and general laboratory tasks, dry CLASSIQSwabs™ are available with a variety of traditional applicator and swab material, tip size and packaging configurations.

hDNA Free FLOQSwabs®

Human hDNA Free FLOQSwabs® are a non-invasive, painless and cost-effective system for DNA collection. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, FLOQSwabs® hDNA Free are certified DNase-Free, RNase-Free and are free of amplifiable human DNA.

4N6FLOQSwabs® Genetics

4N6FLOQSwabs® Genetics is the line of Copan patented FLOQSwabs® specifically designed and dedicated to DNA collection for human identification. These specialized devices are designed to collect swab samples for DNA analysis, making them ideal for human identity, microbiome studies, forensic evidence collection, and forensic toxicology applications.