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Introduction to WASPLab®

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Introduction to WASPLab®

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Product Overview

WASPLab® is the central hub of Copan's Full Laboratory Automation, offering a high-efficiency, modular, scalable, and customizable specimen processing and culture work-up system. Samples move from up front specimen processing to Smart Incubation, Digital Microbiology, and Artificial Intelligence for plate reading.

  • Microbiology specimen processing, culture incubation, and work-up system
  • Effcient, modular, scalable, and customizable
  • Digital Microbiology and AI for effcient and accurate plate reading

Enhance laboratory productivity

WASPLab® streamlines specimen specimen processing, plate handling, sorting, screening, and image management for faster review and workflow progression.

Standardize Laboratory Practices

WASPLab® automates and standardizes best practices for consistent, repeatable results.

Adaptable for Any Workflow

Scalable and modular solutions are tailored to laboratory requirements, including protocols, LIS integrations, throughput, sample types, and more.

Boost Reading Accuracy and Efficiency

Exceptional imaging quality aids in the accurate interpretation of cultures and provides a vivid visualization of culture growth, enhancing the analysis of microbial growth.

Streamlined Automation to Digital Microbiology

WASPLab® revolutionizes specimen handling from initial processing and Smart Incubation to AI-enhanced imaging, and Smart Incubation, leading to AI-enhanced Digital Microbiology. Advanced algorithms pre-assess and sort culture plates, enabling microbiology technologists to efficiently read, interpret, and batch result bacterial cultures with the click of a button!

WASPLab Reading

User Interface Centralizes Laboratory Workflow

The intuitive WASPLab® interface seamlessly links specimen processing, incubation, imaging, analysis, and result output – eliminating eliminating inefficient manual workflow practices. With plate scheduling, incubator statuses, pending cultures, patient demographics, and reporting all incorporated in the software, users have an integrated command center managing the entire workflow.

Enable Faster Results with Smart Incubators

WASPLab® High-Capacity Smart Incubators optimize microbiology workflows. Dual robots system swiftly retrieve plates from temperature-controlled shelves, while an enclosed system prevents condensation and enables consistent, uninterrupted incubation for rapid bacterial growth and improved turnaround time.


* Based on user experiences. Varies based on validation and user preference.

Capturing the Plate Digitally

WASPLab® captures 48 Megapixel plate images using industry-leading optics. Together with the media type, specimen source, patient information and specimen workup, WASPLab® digitally presents all aspects of the culture. All culture data is accessible on WASPLab® workstations.

It All Begins at Time Zero

WASPLab® image acquisition technology utilizes a telecentric linear camera to take an initial image of each plate entering incubation, enabling detection of bacterial growth through comparative image analysis over time. This foundational time zero snapshot powers accurate culture interpretation using PhenoMATRIX® Artificial Intelligence software.

copan wasplab Time zero image scan

Streamline Your Laboratory Process:

Screen, Read, Select, and Report in an Instant and Never touch a negative plate again!

Screening Stage

Users are presented with culture plate images for initial review which have been sorted by colony count and/or growth determinations. Plates needing further investigation seamlessly move to the Reading Stage.

Reading Stage

Here, selected plates are displayed for detailed examination. Users can magnify images up to 45x, enabling them to identify colonies, make presumptive ID, or decide if further testing, for example MALDI ID, AST, subculture, etc., is needed.

Selecting Stage

Plates needing further investigation are viewed and have colonies for workup digitally selected. Additional workup instructions can be added, and if necessary, plates can be removed from the system and manually inspected.

Reporting Stage

WASPLab® software sends results to the LIS and then archives culture images. These images can be reviewed at a later time if necessary, and can also be used for training, competency assessment, and other laboratory performance metrics.

Tailored Laboratory Automation for Today and Tomorrow

Recognizing each laboratory’s uniqueness, WASPLab® offers personalized automation solutions aligning with your specific space and workflow needs. Designed to overcome space limitations common in clinical microbiology laboratories, WASPLab® components can be designed to fit into confined areas.

WASPLab multi line solution

Collaboration in Laboratory Automation

Copan’s dedication to collaborative growth has led to the widespread evolution of its instruments worldwide. By valuing human partnership as much as technological progress, and engaging deeply with the microbiology community, we foster ongoing innovation in Laboratory Automation and AI technology.

PhenoMATRIX® AI Ready Platform

WASPLab® can be integrated with our AI-driven PhenoMATRIX® software for culture interpretation to sort cultures based on colony count, chromogenic color change, colony morphology, hemolysis pattern, etc., as required by each individual laboratory’s protocols. With the elimination of tedious manual culture sorting, technologists can easily review plate images and send batch or individual reports to the LIS.

WASPLab® Videos

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We help you begin your automation journey

Copan delivers full laboratory automation innovations spanning specimen sorting, processing, smart incubation, specialized imaging, and AI interpretation to maximize clinical microbiology productivity. Our modular platforms are uniquely customized to each laboratory while ensuring quality, safety and traceability.


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Walk-Away Specimen Processor


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Bulk Specimen Sorting


Artificial Intelligence for Microbiology


Automated Disk Diffusion Set up and Interpretation


Automated Specimen ID and AST Preparation

Collaborative Station

Semi-Manual Specimen Processing

Our Promise

Copan is committed to innovation in preanalytics. The automation developed by the COPAN team helps Microbiologists to provide faster and better results, and ultimately to make a difference and have a strong impact on patient care.

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