Copan offers an innovative suite of forensic DNA collection, preservation, and analysis solutions tailored to transform and revolutionize precision, efficiency, and recovery for genetic investigations. Our range of sterile DNA-free swabs, evidence collection kits, and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries feature breakthrough technologies ideal for forensic crime scene analysis, suspect DNA sampling, and reference samples.

4N6FLOQSwabs® Crime Scene

4N6FLOQSwabs® Crime Scene sample collection and transport devices are designed for the collection of biological DNA samples, such as sweat, semen, skin and blood in non living humans. The highly-sensitve flocked swabs are also ideal for environmental traces from the scene of an investigation.

NAO™ Basket

NAO™ Basket semi-permeable basket, used with a Copan's flocked swab and a one-step centrifugation, is a fast and highly efficient system for releasing and concentrating all nucleic acids present in a swab sample, card punches or other specimens into a processing tube.