Laboratory Supplies

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Laboratory Supplies

Equip your lab for peak performance with Copan's extensive range of consumables and accessories. Our transfer pipets deliver precise, controlled dispensing. Calibrated loops, needles, and spreaders ensure accurate specimen setup.

Disposable Transfer Pipets

Copan manufactures high-quality, low-residue transfer pipets ideal for precisely dispensing liquids in laboratory settings. Choose from a broad range of standard and specialized varieties and configurations to promote experiment integrity and optimal test performance.

Plastic Inoculating Loops, Needles & Spreaders

Copan offers precision calibrated disposable loops, needles and spreaders for accurate and convenient specimen setup.

Nickel-Chrome (NiChrome) Wire Loops

Copan provides durable, quickly cooling calibrated or non-calibrated Nickel-Chrome metal wire loops enable reliable, residue-free micro-volume dispensing for thousands of cycles to simplify precision streaking.

CRYOBANK™ Bacterial Culture Freezing System

CRYOBANK™ tubes contain cryogenic preserving medium and 25 color coded ceramic beads for freezing and suspending bacterial cultures. The easy-to-use system allows microbiology laboratories to store and preserve bacterial cultures for laboratory quality control or research purposes.