Product Overview

Simplify upfront sample processing for molecular diagnostics sample pre-processing. UniVerse® automatically manages accessioning, labeling, vortexing, and aliquoting into assay tubes and 96 deep well plates. The system is fully LIS interfaced, and increases laboratory throughput with complete traceability, reliability and accuracy.   

  • Automates molecular specimen setup workflow to reduce manual tasks
  • Eliminates transcription and transposition errors
  • Simultaneous management of many specimen inputs, secondary tubes, and deep well plates

Input and Output Flexibility

UniVerse® processes multiple tube sizes, customized 96-well plates and swab types without requiring the manual removal of the swab.

Standardize Workflows with Broad Assay Compatibility

UniVerse® can be used to prepare specimens for most molecular assays.

Optimize Resources with Intelligent Automation

Laboratories maintain consistent and precise processing, freeing staff for high level interpretation and diagnostic tasks.

Expand Capabilities with Additional Module

Expand beyond respiratory molecular testing with additional modules for preparation of HPV samples and QuantiFERON test tubes for TB

Seamless Workflows with Universal Sample Handling

UniVerse® is an innovative system that manages various specimen input types to multiple molecular assay secondary tubes. The system integrates with various capped/uncapped molecular assay secondary tubes plus 96-well plates to unify your laboratory’s diverse protocols on a single standardized platform.

Accelerate Workflows with Automated Sample Prep

The UniVerse® automates the most labor-intensive aspects of molecular specimen preparation, including accessioning, labeling, decapping, recapping, vortexing, and aliquoting into tubes and 96-well plates. Because UniVerse® handles the high-volume, tedious, and repetitive tasks of molecular specimen preparation, laboratory professionals can be re-deployed to high-value tasks that require their expertise.

Consistent Specimen Setup for the Most Reliable Results

The accuracy of a diagnostic test relies on proper specimen collection, sampling, and processing. UniVerse™ uses specialized liquid-sensing conductive pipette tips to confirm the presence of the specimen and ensure specimen uptake and delivery.  The robust system leaves tedious set up tasks to automation.  Laboratories maintain consistent and precise processing, reducing testing variability and freeing staff for high level interpretation and diagnostic tasks.

4 Flexible Protocols for Diverse Workflows

The UniVerse® seamlessly adapts to prepare specimens for most molecular assays. It automatically handles multiple tube sizes and swab types without needing manual swab removal. The system also provides customizable assay plate holders to integrate with your lab's specific consumables

Individual Tube Processing

From one primary sample to one secondary tube

Batch Tube Pooling

Multiple primary samples consolidated efficiently into one pooled secondary tube.

Tube to Plate Transfer

Dispense sample from an individual primary tube into a designated plate well.

Batch Plate Pooling

Combine multiple primary specimens into a single well of a 96-well assay plate.

End-to-End Full Traceability

UniVerse® utilizes a bi-directional interface designed to work with any LIS to automatically identify the specimen, determine protocol settings, generate output barcode labels and report processing status. Labels on completed secondary assay tubes and 96-well plates are reconciled with original patient specimen barcodes LIS record for complete sample traceability

Ensures Safety for the Lab and the Specimen

UniVerse® operates in a closed environment, utilizing HEPA filtration which continuously circulates clean air to protect laboratory staff and specimen integrity. Reduced hands-on time minimizes contact with potentially infectious agents and reduces repetitive stress injuries.

Additional UniVerse® Modules

HPV Module

Multicolumn Image

Additional module to automate specimen set up for HPV testing using BD SurePath™ and Hologic

QuantiFERON Add On

Multicolumn Image

Automatically prepare QunatiFERON tubes for TB testing, including primary sample mixing and tube labeling

Our Promise

Copan is committed to innovation in preanalytics. The automation developed by the COPAN team helps Microbiologists to provide faster and better results, and ultimately to make a difference and have a strong impact on patient care.

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