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Flocked Swabs Invented by Copan

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Viral Molecular Collection and Transport

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Multi Purpose Collection and Transport

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Copan is the leading innovator in sample collection, transport, and preservation systems. For over 40 years we have collaborated with laboratories to create breakthrough technologies advancing traditional and contemporary assays. Explore our complete range of products powering clinical, industrial, forensics, genetics, and research workflows.

Flocked Swabs & Traditional Swabs

Copan offers dry packaged swabs, including patented FLOQSwabs® featuring breakthrough flocked fiber technology for instantaneous uptake and elution of samples. Copan also offers a full range of traditional fiber wrapped swabs for routine transport procedures across bacteriology workflows.

Sample Collection & Transport Kits

Copan's extensive range of collection and transport kits feature patented flocked or fiber wrapped swabs paired with specialized transport media to safely collect specimens and maintain sample integrity for downstream testing using culture-based and molecular methods.

Laboratory Supplies

Equip your lab for peak performance with Copan's extensive range of consumables and accessories. Our transfer pipets deliver precise, controlled dispensing. Calibrated loops, needles, and spreaders ensure accurate specimen setup.

Pharma & Food Safety

Comprehensive biological sampling and automated quality control solutions with applications in bio-pharmaceutical, food safety and cosmetics industries.


Copan offers an innovative suite of forensic DNA collection, preservation, and analysis solutions tailored to transform and revolutionize precision, efficiency, and recovery for genetic investigations. Our range of sterile DNA-free swabs, evidence collection kits, and nucleic acid stabilization chemistries feature breakthrough technologies ideal for forensic crime scene analysis, suspect DNA sampling, and reference samples.


Copan provides an innovative suite of genetic sampling and testing solutions for diverse applications including predictive genomic screenings, microbiome profiling, ancestry composition analysis. Our range of sterile DNA-free flocked swabs swabs, collection kits, and nucleic acid extraction products leverage breakthrough technologies to transform precision, efficiency, and recovery for genetic testing across settings.

Enrichment Broths

Copan’s Selective Enrichment Broths in plastic tubes are specifically designed for WASP® automated specimen processors, decreasing manual handling and maximizing automation utilization to bring further efficiencies to specimen management in clinical Microbiology.