UniVerse® FAQ

This FAQ provides detailed insights into the COPAN UniVerse® system, a cutting-edge automated platform for molecular sample preparation. It covers key aspects such as functionality, applications, benefits, compatibility, and technical specifications, offering a thorough understanding of how UniVerse® enhances laboratory operations and efficiency.

Colibrí™ FAQ

Explore Copan's Colibrí™ system for automated colony picking and MALDI-TOF/AST sample prep. Learn how Colibrí integrates with WASPLab® and PhenoMATRIX®, improves lab efficiency, and ensures traceability. Get answers to common questions in our detailed Colibrí FAQ.



This FAQ page provides information about flocked swabs, including what they are, how they were invented by Copan, why Copans's FLOQSwabs® are superior, the research backing their performance and use for flu and COVID-19 testing.


This FAQ page provides information on eNAT®, a sample collection and transport system that stabilizes and preserves nucleic acids for molecular testing, covering topics such as what eNAT® is, how it works, applications, compatibility, and availability.

ESwab® FAQ

This FAQ page provides information on ESwab®, a liquid-based multipurpose collection and transport system for microbiology specimens, covering topics such as what ESwab® is, how to use it, what it supports, stability requirements, applications, and availability.


This FAQ page provides information on UTM®, a viral transport medium. Topics covered include what UTM® is, how it is used, what is in the formulation, viability duration, and availability.

PodSwab™ FAQ

This FAQ covers key questions about how PodSwab™ works and the science behind pooled testing. We explain what PodSwab™ is, how sample pooling allows efficient use of tests, directions for use, and how to set up a program.

FecalSwab® FAQ

This FAQ page provides information on FecalSwab®, a collection, transport and processing system for enteric bacteria. It covers topics such as what FecalSwab® is, how to use it, applications, and availability.