WASP-FLO™ Bulk Specimen Sorter and Router

Product Overview

The WASP-FLO™ is an automated specimen handling system designed for microbiology laboratories running multiple WASPLab® lines. It streamlines workflows by automatically sorting specimens and routing them them to the appropriate WASP® for processing workflow.

  • Ideal for laboratories with multiple WASPLab®  lines
  • Dual-Robot high throughput system eliminates manual sorting and batching
  • Samples returned to RFID traceable output racks

Streamline Specimen Loading

Dual-Robot, high throughput system eliminates manual sorting and batching for multiple WASP® instruments

Boost Laboratory Productivity

Round-the-clock automated operation maximizes resource utilization and productivity

Provide maximum sample traceability

Data management system tracks the path of each individual sample for complete detailed reporting, tracking, and easy retrieval after processing

Accuracy and Quality

Improves consistency and reduces human errors in manual sorting and accessioning that could lead to mistakes

Optimized Distribution for Maximum Productivity

Intelligent software continually evaluates incoming samples and balances workloads across multiple WASPLab® lines. By coordinating instrument timing and batching properly categorized specimens, the system achieves seamless flow of samples when and where they are needed. This ensures resources are optimally utilized even with random access and peak demands.

COPAN WASPFLO Conveyor Track 2 eswab

Streamline Specimen Loading and Accessioning

The WASP-FLO™ is an automated workflow solution designed to increase sample processing productivity through intelligent automation. In many laboratories, this workload would require several trained technicians working manually, but the WASP-FLO™ system handles this workload efficiently without human intervention. The automated workflows also enable technicians to focus their efforts on more value-added tasks.

Workflow Efficiency

The WASP-FLO™ acts as a central hub to automate specimen handling workflows. It intakes tubes, assigns them optimally across instruments, transports batches to designated systems, then unloads finished tubes into categorized racks. This boosts throughput while enabling modular expansion as volumes grow.

High-Capacity Hopper

Hopper holds and sorts up to 600 bulk loaded samples at a time and can process more than 450 samples per hour.

Precision Dual Robots

The Pick-and-Place robots sort tubes in RFID-driven pallets and unload completed samples onto dedicated output racks.

Prioritization Capability

Manual racks allow technicians to fast-track STAT and special samples according to established protocols.

Organized Output & Storage

High-capacity racks indexed by RFID tags return processed specimens to categorized 99-position racks for easy and error-proof retrieval.

Achieve Precision with Automated Sample Handling

Advanced dual SCARA robots with specialized grippers can accurately pick, handle, and manipulate 450 delicate specimens per hour to replicate skilled human movements. This eliminates risks of manual sorting errors, repetitive stress injuries and minimizes cross-contamination.

Ensure Accountability with End-to-End Traceability

Each specimen tube rack is tagged with a unique RFID label allowing the system to digitally monitor and record a sample’s journey, including dates, times and locations while stored, transported and processed. This enables proactive specimen organization for easy recall.

Customize to Your Lab’s Changing Needs with Modular Scalability

Copan’s scalable solutions allow laboratories to implement WASP-FLO™ and other modules as needed. The flexible architecture lets you cost-effectively customize the system configuration to fit your laboratory as it evolves automation needs and throughput requirements.

We help you begin your automation journey

Copan delivers full laboratory automation innovations spanning specimen sorting, processing, smart incubation, specialized imaging, and AI interpretation to maximize clinical microbiology productivity. Our modular platforms are uniquely customized to each laboratory while enhancing quality, safety, and traceability.


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Resources and Downloads

Our Promise

Copan is committed to innovation in preanalytics. The automation developed by the COPAN team helps Microbiologists to provide faster and better results, and ultimately to make a difference and have a strong impact on patient care.

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