FecalSwab® FAQ

This FAQ page provides information on FecalSwab®, a collection, transport and processing system for enteric bacteria. It covers topics such as what FecalSwab® is, how to use it, applications, and availability.

What is FecalSwab®?

FecalSwab® combines a COPAN-invented flocked swab with 2mL of Cary-Blair medium in a plastic, screw cap tube. Simplify and standardize fecal sample collection, transport and processing, converting semi-solid fecal matter into liquid specimens.

How is FecalSwab® Used?

Using the Flocked Swab provided in the collection kit, a small sample of feces (approx 1g) can be transferred into the tube by medical staff at the point of care or by a technologist after the fecal specimen has been received in the laboratory. Alternatively, FecalSwab® can be used to take a rectal sample directly from the patient.


Fecalswab® Example Guide


FecalSwab® Rectal Collection Guide


FecalSwab® How-To Video


What Type of Media is Used with FecalSwab®?

2mL of Cary-Blair medium

Why is it Important to Mash the Specimen with the Swab?

Mashing the specimen helps to evenly disperse and suspend the specimen ensuring a homogenous sample.

Can a Lubricant Be used Prior to Insertion With a Rectal Swab?

Yes. The performance of FecalSwab® and a lubricant used in clinical practice is within the range of M40-A2 acceptability limits.

Can FecalSwab® Be Used With Automation?

Yes, FecalSwab® is packaged in plastic, ready-to-use tubes, which can easily be put onto WASP®DT automation specimen processor.

Can FecalSwab® Be Used for Molecular Testing?

FecalSwab® is compatible with enteric molecular assays for bacteria, viruses, and parasites where package inserts indicate Cary-Blair collection systems for sample collection*.


*Always read the manufacturer’s package insert for specific instructions regarding specimen collection and transport for the type of test kit being used.

Where Can I Order FecalSwab®?

FecalSwab® is Supplied by the Following Distributors: