Fully automated disk diffusion susceptibility testing by ADAGIO WASPLab Expert System compared to VITEK2 and manual disk diffusion in urines from daily clinical practice


Decreasing reimbursements stimulate clinical laboratories to search for the most cost-effective diagnostic approach. Over the past years PAMM has implemented COPAN WASPLab which provides automated streaking, dispersion of antibiotic disks, incubation and digital imaging of incubated culture media. In this study, we investigated the next step: fully automated disk diffusion interpretation by ADAGIO WASPLab Expert System (WASPLab DD) of urine cultures from daily clinical practice.


ADAGIO WASPLab Expert System disk diffusion reading and interpretation shows excellent overall results (concordance >95%) compared to VITEK2 and manual disk diffusion based AST.

A large part of the very major erros (40%) was based on the well known  discrepancy between amoxicillin-clavulanic acid AST with a fixed and a variable concentration of clavulanic acid