Flocked Swabs and UTM®-RT are Pre-analytical Tools Suitable for Rapid Antigen Kits, Direct Immunofluorescence, Culture and PCR Diagnostics Assay for Viral Infections.


Objective: Detection of antigens, nucleic acids, and isolation of microbes depend on pre-analytical devices used for specimen’s collection. Diagnostic sensitivity varies with the number of cells and free organisms released in the transport system. It was reported that Flocked Swabs (FS) and UTM-RT (COPAN) enhances analytical sensitivity of antigen detection, culture and nucleic acid amplification assays. To compare the Copan FS and UTM-RT to the Remel Dacron swabs (DS) and M4-RT for virus culture, epithelial cells recovery for direct immunofluorescence assay (DFA), antigens and nucleic acids stability for rapid kits and amplification assays from nasopharyngeal swabs (NPS) for the diagnose of respiratory viruses.

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