Transystem™: Traditional Bacteriology Transport Swabs

For Collection and Transport of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria

Transystem™ 134C Double Regular Rayon Swabs and Amies Agar Gel

With an extensive range of traditional bacteriology transport systems the Transystem™ product line serves all sample collection and transport needs in clinical bacteriology.

Variety of Media and Swab Size for Every Investigation

Transystem™ products are available with liquid or gel media and various swab sizes, to reach different collection sites.

  • Liquid Amies and Liquid Stuart for aerobic culture; rapid antigen and molecular testing
  • Amies Agar Gel and Stuart Agar Gel with or without Charcoal for aerobic and anaerobic culture
  • Cary-Blair Agar Gel for enteric bacteriology culture
  • M40 Transystem with Amies Gel for aerobic and anaerobic bacteriology culture *

* Not available for sale in the USA.

Liquid Media Transport Swabs

  • Swab remains in direct contact with large, fluid-filled Polyurethane sponge, ensuring that it will not dry out and sample remains fully preserved for testing
  • Choice of Liquid Amies or Stuart medium for aerobic culture; rapid antigen and molecular testing *

* Not available for sale in the USA.

Agar Gel Transport Swabs

  • COPAN’s stringent quality control ensures low bioburden, minimizing the presence of nonviable bacteria1 and extraneous nucleic acid
  • Improved sample viability due to unique Venturi hour glass tube shape and 5mL gel column which protects sensitive samples from air bubbles and oxidation
  • Choice of Amies or Stuart Agar Gel medium (with or without charcoal), commonly used for aerobic and anaerobic cultures
  • Also available with Cary-Blair Gel medium, used for enteric bacteriology preservation and culture

1. Less than two nonviable bacterial cells per ten high power microscopic fields.

Performance Enhancing Features

  • No activation step required - simply uncap, collect and recap the tube. There are no glass ampules or seals to break making the product simpler and easier to use
  • Extra Long Swab Shaft - enables easy access to difficult sampling sites and provides operator safety
  • Available in multiple swab sizes and shaft materials to target specific collection sites and accommodate various applications
  • Soft rayon swab tips are inert and non-toxic to both patients and micro-organisms
  • Tubes conveniently fit in regular test tube racks for easy transport and storage

State-of-the-Art Recyclable Packaging

  • VI-PAK outer packaging with high-tech foil and barrier plastic ensures shelf life stability and protects from degradation and dehydration caused by light and oxidation
  • To prevent media evaporation, atmospheric air is vacuumed out of individual product pouches and packaging is flushed with nitrogen, creating low oxidation levels
  • Eliminate contamination risk, ensure sterility and first time use with waterproof packaging and tamper-evident seals
  • Lot number, expiration date and product description are clearly printed on every swab package and tube for product traceability, proper inventory rotation and use within prescribed shelf life
  • Outer product packaging is made from 100% plastic, eliminating the risk of fiber shreds from product packaging, which could contaminate surgical sites
  • Smooth, round bottom tubes will not puncture specimen collection bags

For detailed information about each media type, such as formulation and intended use please see package insert.

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