Bacterial Culture Freezing System

COPAN CryoBank

CRYOBANK tubes contain preservation medium and 25 color coded ceramic beads for freezing and suspending bacterial cultures. The easy-to-use system allows Microbiology labs to store and preserve bacterial cultures for laboratory quality control or research purposes.

The CRYOBANK system is a low cost and simple method for maintaining important ATCC® controls and reference cultures.

  • Create and store multiple subcultures within minutes, and easily index and locate cultures using unique freezer storage boxes with printed grids.
  • Reliable long-term storage and preservation for fastidious organisms eliminating organism variation associated with repetitive sub-culturing.
  • Convenient color-coded system for easy categorization of multiple subcultures - available in four different colors.
  • Significant cost savings compared with expensive lyophilized commercial cultures.
  • Packaged in sturdy stackable boxes for easier storage.
  • Barcoded for full traceability: suitable for use with all commonly available barcode readers .

Can be used across multiple Microbiology disciplines:

  • Clinical
  • Veterinary
  • Food and Dairy
  • Water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Brewing