copan WASP automation Front View

Laboratory Automation WASP®DT

System that Automates Specimen Processing in Microbiology, Including Planting, Streaking, Gram Slide Preparation, Broth Inoculation and Disk Application

A modular, open platform that fully automates all facets of specimen processing in Microbiology, including planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation, broth inoculation and disk application to aid in rapid, direct identification.

Our Promise

With over 40 years manufacturing high quality and scientifically-based products, COPAN’s devotion to excellence in the pre-analytical phase through continuous innovation has resulted in a high level of specialization in its core lines of sample collection, transport and preservation products. From its beginnings, COPAN has always believed that while swab transport systems look very similar, performance may vary dramatically, and has continued to invest in improving its performance, as proven by our vast amount of independent publications.