The SnotBuster™ (also known as SLSolution™) system combines the COPAN invented Sputum Dipper™ with a ready to use mucolytic agent in a vacuum sealed plastic tube. Easily transfer sputum specimens using the unique drill-shaped tool (the Sputum Dipper™) and liquefy the sample for easy processing.

Save cost and avoid waste of making your own reagents for liquifying sputum with this single use product.

SnotBuster™ has been tested and validated for liquefying sputum samples prior to culturing for the isolation of bacteria and fungi without affecting the morphology, growth or microscopic staining and appearance of pathogens.

SnotBuster™ offers exceptional laboratory value:

  • Liquid based system is easily handled by automated specimen processors and automatic pipetting systems, minimizing manual handling
  • Easier, more consistent and reproducible specimen planting and streaking
  • Simplify handling of challenging sputum specimens using the efficient Sputum Dipper™ tool, handles all types of sputum viscosity from liquid to very tenacious sputum samples.