Pharma, Food & Safety

Comprehensive biological sampling and automated quality control solutions with applications in bio-pharmaceutical, food hygiene and cosmetics industries.

Swab Rinse Kit for Surface Testing

Ideal for sampling various surfaces, including uneven or irregular surfaces, Swab Rinse Kit (SRK) line of products offers a convenient system for verification of effective sanitation or sterility for surface monitoring in different fields of manufacturing, including food production or pharmaceutical sites to determine the microbial bioburden.

Sterile Sampling Templates

Available in two sizes, sampling templates define and standardize sampling area, helping users to determine the number of CFU’s per cm2 for the validation of microbial bioburden.

Disposable Inoculating Spreaders For Food Hygiene and Pharmaceutical Testing

Used for spreading liquid sample material on solid culture media to perform bacterial CFU counts with wide applications both in pharmaceutical and food safety settings. COPAN spreaders are available sterile individually wrapped or in multi-piece packs.

Fully Automated Pour Plating, Spiral Plating, and Spreading of Liquified Samples for the Food Safety Industry

CYCLONE™ is ideal for laboratories wanting to increase their accuracy, reproducibility and productivity, while also decreasing operational costs with labor savings and by moving away from more expensive consumables.

Our Promise

From its humble beginnings to its current position as a global market leader in collection and transport systems, COPAN will continue to invest in science and technology to continually improve its knowledge to offer the most innovative and technically diverse product line in its niche market.