Product Overview

Ideal for sampling various surfaces, Copan’s SRK® system combines a swab with a rinse solution or broth in a convenient plastic tube. The environmental sampling line helps food technologists and quality control managers assess microbial presence on surfaces and equipment.


For verification of effective sanitation,  microbial bioburden or sterility for surface monitoring in different fields such as:

  • Manufacturing and equipment
  • Food production
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cosmetic and Personal Care production
  • Pharmaceutical and Drug manufacturing  sites 
  • Hospital and laboratory surfaces (HIA)
  • Clean Room Manufacturing


Downstream Applications:

  • Direct streaking
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Qualitative and quantitative testing


Available in two configurations:

  • Single unit: swab attached to cap in tube with rinse solution
  • Combo sampling unit: Separate swab in peel pouch with tube containing broth or rinse solution