Lab Supplies

Using premium materials and efficient manufacturing processes, COPAN's line of laboratory supplies provide the tools needed to perform a variety of laboratory tasks in clinical Microbiology.

Transfer Pipets

COPAN's quality-driven manufacturing process and materials create high-performing, transfer pipets, which are ideal for transferring liquids in all types of laboratories (Blood Bank, Hematology, Bacteriology, Chemistry and Urinalysis).

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Inoculating Loops, Needles & Spreaders

For planting, streaking and transfer of materials in Microbiology, loops, needles and spreaders are essential tools used in a variety of important tasks. COPAN’s wide range of products offers a solution for every Microbiologist and process!

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Bacterial Culture Freezing Systems

CRYOBANK™ offers a reliable, convenient and economical system for storing and preserving bacterial strains (including fastidious bacteria) over long periods. CRYOBANK™ permits the easy establishment of culture collections for laboratory accreditation and research purposes, providing a cost-effective alternative to lyophilization, repeated subculture or purchase of commercially available control organisms.

Our Promise

From its humble beginnings to its current position as a global market leader in collection and transport systems, COPAN will continue to invest in science and technology to continually improve its knowledge to offer the most innovative and technically diverse product line in its niche market.