UniVerse® Fully Automated Instrument for Molecular Specimen Preparation

UniVerse® revolutionizes up front sample processing for molecular diagnostics automatically managing accessioning, labeling, vortexing, and aliquoting into assay tubes and 96-well plates. UniVerse® is fully LIS interfaced, it increases laboratory throughput with complete traceability, reliability and accuracy. It increases productivity while decreasing operational cost and allows valuable human resources to be re-deployed to higher level tasks.

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More Info About UniVerse®

Flexible System Automates Sample Preparation for Molecular Workflow

UniVerse® is an innovative system that manages various specimen input types to multiple molecular assay secondary tubes. The system’s robotics adjust automatically to a variety of specimen containers with no need to remove the swab.  UniVerse™ manages capped or uncapped secondary tubes as well as 96-well plates.

  • Fully interfaced with laboratory LIS to drive a variety of sample prep protocols, accessioning, labeling of outputs and traceability of all actions
  • Simultaneously processes multiple specimen containers without manual removal of the swab
  • Handles capped or uncapped secondary (assay) tubes
  • Supports pooled testing via two methodologies:
    • Multiple patient samples pooled into one secondary tube
    • Multiple patient swabs into a single specimen tube, like PodSwab™

Ensures Safety for the Lab and the Specimen

UniVerse® operates in a closed environment, utilizing HEPA filtration which continuously circulates clean air to protect laboratory staff and specimen integrity. Reduced hands-on time minimizes contact with potentially infectious agents and prevents repetitive stress injuries.

Efficient System for More Processing with Fewer Resources

The UniVerse® automates the most labor-intensive aspects of molecular specimen preparation, including accessioning, labeling, decapping, recapping, vortexing, and aliquoting into tubes and 96-well plates. Because UniVerse® handles the high-volume, tedious, and repetitive tasks of specimen preparation, laboratory professionals can be re-deployed to high-value tasks that require their expertise.

  • Saves time, by being LIS interfaced, it enables automatic accessioning, selecting protocols, aliquoting specimens, vortexing tubes, and labeling secondary tubes for molecular processing
  • Specimen input and output magazines allow for easy and uninterrupted loading and unloading
  • Requires no intervention for specimen processing procedures allowing more specimens to be handled without the need for additional staff

LIS Driven Protocol Selection & Full Specimen Traceability

UniVerse® utilizes a bi-directional interface designed to work with any LIS to automatically identify the specimen, determine protocol settings, generate output barcode labels and report processing status.

  • LIS driven specimen processing protocols automatically select appropriate processing steps
  • Labels on completed secondary assay tubes and 96-well plates are reconciled with original patient specimen barcodes LIS record for traceability
  •  Provides customized status reports for specimen traceability

Consistent Specimen Setup for the Most Reliable Results

The accuracy of a diagnostic test relies on proper specimen collection, sampling, and processing. UniVerse™ uses specialized liquid-sensing conductive pipette tips to confirm the presence of the specimen and ensure specimen uptake and delivery.  The robust system leaves tedious set up tasks to automation.  Laboratories maintain consistent and precise processing, reducing testing variability and freeing staff for high level interpretation and diagnostic tasks.