Colibrí™ is a Fully Automated Specimen Workup Instrument FDA-Cleared to Prepare MALDI-TOF ID Target Plates and McFarland Suspensions for AST

colibri 2022

The COPAN Colibrí™ System is an in vitro diagnostic device and the first instrument in its class to receive 510(k) clearance for the simultaneous preparation of MALDI-TOF slides and McFarland AST suspensions. Colibrí™ is FDA cleared for use with the bioMérieux VITEK® MS or Bruker MALDI Biotyper® CA mass spectrometry systems for automating rapid identification of isolated colonies of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria grown on solid culture media. The system is also FDA cleared for the preparation of microbial suspensions for AST with bioMérieux VITEK 2.

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Automating Crucial Steps in Diagnostic Microbiology Testing for Time and Labor Savings

  • Colibrí™ automatically picks isolated colonies for further workup and investigation.
  • Chosen colonies are designated by the laboratory technologist or automatically by COPAN’s advanced AI, PhenoMATRIX® TAG.
  • Colibrí™ works with both VITEK® MS MALDI-TOF and Bruker Biotyper® systems seeding either manufacturers’ target plate formats, automatically applying matrix, and through a software interface, sending instructions and coordinates identifying each individual culture workup spot.
  • Automatically seeds colonies into various size tubes or bottles to prepare McFarland suspensions for antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) using the onboard nephelometer.
  • The system applies barcode labels to tubes and prepares purity check plates from McFarland suspensions.

Harness the Power of Full Laboratory Automation, Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Automated Colony Workup

  • Streamline workflow and address the most challenging demands in the laboratory with Colibrí™ and artificial intelligence (AI) software, delivering cutting-edge, intelligence driven solutions for specimen workup.
  • PhenoMATRIX® TAG automatically detects and “tags” the best colonies to be picked by Colibrí™.
  • The software highlights isolated colonies as well as aggregated colonies; colonies which are not fully isolated but determined by the software to be identical and thus pure. After defining the optimal colonies for selection, PhenoMATRIX® TAG communicates the colony coordinates to the Colibrí™ for reliable and accurate picking.

Precision and Full Traceability in Specimen Workup

  • PhenoMATRIX® defines the optimal colonies to be reviewed and picked and then communicates the coordinates with Colibri™ for picking.
  • The laboratory has total traceability and precision of colony selection and transfer to MALDI-TOF target slides.
  • Colibrí™ records the source identity of each sample, its position on the target slide and communicates this information electronically to the MALDI-TOF MS analyzers, thereby eliminating any human transcription errors.

“Clinical Microbiology is facing tremendous challenges including labor shortages, dramatically increased workloads, pressure for on-demand testing and rapid turnaround times for results. The FDA clearance of COPAN’s Colibrí™ will provide time and labor savings by automating a crucial step in diagnostic Microbiology. When used with COPAN’s advanced AI software, the laboratory has total traceability and precision when it comes to colony selection and transfer to MALDI-TOF target slides. A complex task that occurs in Microbiology laboratories tens or hundreds of thousands of times per day which requires great care and attention is now automated with unquestionable accuracy. With this critical process in laboratory workup automated and interfaced with downstream mass spectrometry instruments, experienced laboratory professionals may now use their scarce time to perform other complex tasks requiring their unique skill and expertise.”

- COPAN Diagnostics’ CEO Norman Sharples