Certified sterile, free of amplifiable Human DNA and free of detectable DNase and RNase, COPAN's line of hDNA Free FLOQSwabs® are are a non-invasive, painless and cost-effective system for DNA collection for various genetic applications such as HLA typing, food intolerance screening and predictive genetic testing.


COPAN's 4N6FLOQSwabs® are intended for DNA collection and preservation for crime scene investigation and collection of biological evidence for human identification.

Genetic Analysis

hDNA Free FLOQSwabs® are certified sterile, free of amplifiable Human DNA and detectable DNase and RNase and provide a non-invasive, painless and cost-effective system for DNA collection. Common applications include the study of human microbiota to analyze their role in health and disease, as well as genetic variations to provide predictive information about common traits or ancestry.

Forensic Crime Scene Sample Collection

4N6FLOQSwabs® Crime Scene sample collection and transport devices are designed for the collection of biological DNA samples, such as sweat, semen, skin and blood in non living humans, as well as other environmental traces from the scene of an investigation.

Forensic Casework Sample Collection

4N6FLOQSwabs® Casework line of products is dedicated to DNA collection for human identification. Common applications include sexual assault kits, drugs of abuse testing, STR analysis and other forensic evidence collection.

Sample Processing

NAO™ Basket semi-permeable basket, used with a COPAN's flocked swab and a one-step centrifugation, is a fast and highly efficient system for releasing and concentrating all nucleic acids present in a swab sample, card punches or other specimens into a processing tube.

Our Promise

From its humble beginnings to its current position as a global market leader in collection and transport systems, COPAN will continue to invest in science and technology to continually improve its knowledge to offer the most innovative and technically diverse product line in its niche market.