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Norman Sharples Receives Achievement Sculpture for 25 Years as CEO of COPAN Diagnostics, Inc.

January 7, 2020

During COPAN Diagnostics’ 25th Anniversary celebration, Norman was presented an achievement sculpture to commemorate his 25 years of service at COPAN. It consisted of an elegant and contemporary Eagle Sculpture from gifted wildlife California artist Kitty Cantrell. The name of the piece is Valor, which also means courage in Spanish. It embodies the traditional nobility and powerful profile of the eagle in a unique modern style. In the piece, there is a highly detailed pair of eagles encased in a crystal-clear Lucite bust of a proud eagle–creating an exciting three-dimensional work that continually reveals new details. The symbolism of the two eagles in the context of the award are a reminder of the team surrounding Norman and the new heights we can reach as we continue to work as a team.

Kitty Cantrell, the artist and sculptor behind “Valor,” has had a lifelong fascination with nature. She attributes her respect for all things living to a childhood spent in the Mojave Desert. It was in this arid environment that she became acutely aware of the rhythms of nature displayed in her work.  Kitty’s works are some of the most widely collected in the United States today. They can be seen all over the world, and one of them is even featured in the main building of the CIA.

“Valor” is proudly produced by master craftsmen in the USA. The piece celebrates an innovative and gorgeous balance of classic Old World artistic traditions and modern perspectives, methods, materials, and styles. After the first carving, the three-dimensional figurines in the center of the sculpture are cast by hand using the traditional “lost-wax” casting method, then polished and finished with incredible depth and intricate detailing.

The vibrant colors in the sculpture are a result of a patina technique using heat, various chemicals, and acid to oxidize the colors to the metal sculpture permanently. The exterior of this finely crafted sculpture is cast in high-grade, optically clear Lucite. It is then hand-polished and chased by studio artisans for several hours to refine the exquisite finish.

The overall effect of this intricate work leaves the viewer to reflect on the dignified eagle sitting proudly, while remembering days past. It encourages the viewer to stay rooted in the past, while flying bravely into the future. “Valor” is the perfect representation of Norman’s bravery, when co-founding COPAN Diagnostics 25 years ago and of his accomplishments during that time. The sculpture serves as a token of gratitude from the COPAN team, and we hope he cherishes it for many years to come.