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COPAN USA Welcomes the New Year with WASPLab® and Onsite Training Facility

January 28, 2016

The team poses in their newly gifted LA Lakers apparel!
(Featured in photo from left to right: Daniele Fraioli, Francesco Sannolla, Nicola Conti)

Welcome to 2016
Does anyone else think January flew by!? Weren’t we just clinking our glasses and watching the ball drop? Now here it is nearly February 1st. The New Year brings new goals and sets the tone for the next twelve months, whether those goals be personal or professional.  It’s no different in business. At COPAN USA, there was no time to waste as our team jumped right into some of this year’s goals for our WASP®DT and WASPLab® onsite facility.

GOAL: New Onsite Training Facility
To begin, we ended the last quarter of 2015 outfitting our brand new WASP®DT onsite training facility here in Murrieta, CA. By bringing the training in house, certain challenges that can arise when training offsite in the customer’s lab are now circumvented. For example, users were often distracted with other daily operations of the lab and found it difficult to concentrate. As an added bonus of the thorough onsite training, trainees will now receive P.A.C.E CE Credits and become certified WASP®DT Super Users.

GOAL: WASPLab® Installation
The COPAN team in Murrieta is so excited to finally have our own in-house, fully functioning lab. With the help of our incredible Italian team, we were able to get our WASPLab® installed and running in record time! It’s also important here to share our extreme gratitude for the engineers, and technical support we received from the team. We may be biased, but as a “lean and mighty” team it’s easy to recognize the impact that these individuals have and the effect their synergy creates. Thank you, guys!

waps room 2.JPG
GOAL: New WASPLab® Video
In addition to the exciting new training facility, we were able to take advantage of the installation to capture film and photographs of the new WASPLab®. Due to our ever evolving nature here at COPAN, current videos lack footage of some of the more recent developments and exciting capabilities our WASPLab® has to offer! Viewers will be able to get a more accurate depiction of our automation!

GOAL: WASPLab® in Murrieta
The benefits of the WASPLab® in Murrieta include:
•     Ability to program WASPLab® without certain LIS software limitations
•     Perform research onsite
•    Tailor training for each customer to their specific Lab work-ups
•     Easier access to create footage and photo’s as the innovations keep coming

wasp room.JPG

A Special Thank You to Our ENTIRE TEAM
As we begin our new year we look forward to another exciting year full of opportunity and say thank you to our entire team for the continued dedication everyone brings!