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COPAN Maintains its Global Commitment to Address Unauthorized Use of its Patented Technology

January 16, 2019

The German Supreme Court has denied COPAN’s request that the German Patent Court conduct a new hearing concerning the Patent Court’s decision, in 2016, to revoke Copan’s utility model DE’930.  DE’930 expired in 2015. While COPAN is disappointed that the matter will not be reheard, the appeal decision addresses exclusively the utility model DE’930.  The appeal did not concern or address Copan’s other DE utility models or its European patent EP1608268.

COPAN is focused on the industry standard quality of its innovative products and remains actively committed to protecting its intellectual property rights globally, including the patent infringement and unfair competition lawsuit that COPAN filed in U.S. federal district court last year.  Lorenzo Fumagalli, General Counsel at COPAN Group commented, “we have had a longstanding commitment to building a global and robust patent portfolio to protect our groundbreaking innovation, and we are extremely confident in the strength of our portfolio.  Our experience in Germany served to validate our belief that Puritan infringes our patents, and motivated Copan to file the U.S. litigation.”

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