Company News


November 9, 2017

Copan Italia SpA and Shinji Matsuura proudly announce the formation of a joint venture for the strategic promotion and distribution of Copan’s Liquid Based Microbiology™ (LBM®) range in Japan.

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with Shinji Matsuura”, commented Stefania Triva, President and Chief Executive Officers of Copan Italia. “Shinji has proven expertise in executing and operating retail and distribution of Copan’s products for business to business customers in Japan. Being a trustworthy partner for over 10 years, I am convinced that Shinji and his team can achieve the same excellent results with microbiology laboratory professionals”

“Traditional products manufactured by Copan are very well established in Japan”, said Shinji Matsuura, President and Chief Executive Officer of Shin Corporation. “Customers are now starting to develop interest in new methods of sample collection and preservation, such as Liquid Based Microbiology™. The transition from old to new technologies is never easy and this partnership brings a valuable response to customers’ needs and new operational challenges. We look forward to significantly increase both scientific visibility and tangible sales”.

The joint venture will be established under the name of “Copan Japan” and its corporate office will be located in Kobe City, in Hyogo Prefecture. Currently, plans are being developed and finalized in order to start full operations in January 2018.