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COPAN Group Announces the Untimely Death of Its Beloved CEO and General Manager, Daniele Triva

September 2, 2014

COPAN Group announces with great sadness that, on July 30th, 2014, its beloved, charismatic and eclectic leader, Daniele Triva passed away at his home in Italy, after a seven-month battle with Esophageal Gastric cancer. Daniele was 54 years old and leaves behind his wife and four children, his sister and family and a legacy of technological innovation in the field of pre-analytics.

Daniele Triva spent his entire career at COPAN. He assumed the General Manager role in 1982, at the early age of 23. Under Daniele’s leadership and with his guidance, COPAN’s continued focus on innovation and quality led it to become a leading global life sciences and high tech company in its field. Apart from product innovation and technology, Daniele placed high importance on corporate responsibility. His unique leadership style touched countless persons in the Company and in the community in which it operates. The Peter Pan Center provides low cost daycare and kindergarten services for the newborns and infant children of COPAN employees. Daniele’s idea of the FUTURA Science Park was to provide an “incubator” for new ideas and a platform to continually design, manufacture, and launch advanced technologies to revolutionize the field of pre-analytics in general, with special emphasis on Microbiology. The enthusiasm and generosity that characterized his work remains as an inalienable gift to the COPAN community.

COPAN is a family-owned company, and it will continue to be managed, with the same vision and attention to corporate responsibility, by the Triva family. Stefania Triva,

COPAN’s Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, presides as CEO and General Manager of the COPAN Group.

Stefania Triva has many years of experience at COPAN. She has served as Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Holding Director for the COPAN Group, and she is part of the Board of Directors. Stefania has significant hands-on tactical managerial experience at the COPAN Group, working side by side with her brother, Daniele, in developing and implementing the Company’s strategy. She is prepared to embrace the CEO position, ensuring a natural continuity, and focus on innovation and quality that has characterized and differentiated COPAN in the industry. Stefania, surrounded by COPAN’s experienced management team, will continue to run COPAN Group effectively. A robust succession plan has been crafted to continue to further advance the Company.

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