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COPAN Flock Technologies Launches New Website in Chinese to Serve Burgeoning IVD and Medical Device Manufacturers in China

December 5, 2011

COPAN has proudly announced this week the launch of the Chinese version of the Copan Flock Technologies website. Copan Flock Technologies (CFT) is unique within the COPAN group in many respects. CFT’s business-to-business strategy serves wholesale needs for sample collection, transport, preservation, and processing of diagnostic, biotechnology and life science companies, including forensics. Copan Flock Technologies is backed by the group’s extensive scientific expertise in specimen management from the moment the sample is taken until it arrives in the testing laboratory.

The Chinese website aims at better serving COPAN’s growing customer base in the IVD and Medical Device Manufacturers market in China. China recently granted COPAN a patent for its invention of flocked swabs. “The Chinese patent for the invention of flocked swabs for collection and transfer of biological samples is an important milestone for COPAN as it reinforces its position as a true inventor in the area of pre-analytics. Protecting intellectual property is critical in fostering innovation, and this latest patent reflects the growing trend worldwide to protect COPAN’s flocked swabs.” COPAN will continue to invest in the development of the Chinese market as it sees great potential for expansion in the region. To visit the website, click on


With a reputation for innovation in pre-analytics, COPAN is the leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems in the world. COPAN offers a complete range of microbial sampling products used for traditional culture analysis and molecular diagnostic assays. For more information, visit