COPAN’s FecalSwab® Raising a Stink at the Fisher National Sales Meeting

- FecalSwab®

February 23, 2016

We don’t mean to raise a stink, but we are probably having way too much fun at the Fisher Healthcare National Sales meeting, currently taking place at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, TX. Well FLOQ, why wouldn’t we be excited? We’re here introducing one of our newest products, FecalSwab®, with some of our favorite team members.

Since we first received FDA clearance in May of 2015, we’ve been spreading the word about our newest collection and preservation device. FecalSwab® collection, transport and preservation system is intended for the collection of rectal swabs and fecal specimens and to preserve the viability of enteric pathogenic bacteria during transport from the collection site to the testing laboratory. It simplifies and standardizes fecal sample collection, transport and processing by converting solid or semi-solid specimens into liquid phase, in instrument ready tubes, to facilitate automated fecal sample processing. Our kit comprises of a regular COPAN FLOQSwab® and a shatterproof, screw cap tube containing 2mL of modified Cary-Blair medium, as Cary-Blair is the gold standard for preservation of enteric bacteria. Not only does FecalSwab® help to reduce the amount of excess sample transported to the laboratory, but after FecalSwab® is used for enteric culture or for molecular diagnostics, the remaining sample can then be transferred into COPAN Selenite Broth tubes for selective enrichment of Salmonella.  For more information, visit our FecalSwab™ page or stop by our booth at the Fisher National Sales Meeting!

To all of our friends at Fisher, if you haven’t stopped by to say hello yet, be sure to check us out at booth #307. It’s the ‘poo and you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a Mr. Hankey®! We’ve got demonstrations to show you, samples to give you, and the big man, Norman Sharples to help answer any questions! We’d also like to thank Fisher HealthCare for all their hard work they do for us. We’ll gladly take advantage of the opportunity to be a part of the 2016 National Sales Meeting.