COPAN Diagnostics Inc. Adds Another Tool to Its COVID-19 Arsenal with the Addition of Minitip Foam Swabs

Product Features

January 14, 2021

Whether the sample is collected at a clinic, hospital or drive-through site, there’s one common denominator when concerning COVID-19 testing — the swab.

And in the face of surging demand — so far, laboratories across the United States have processed more than 260 million COVID-19 tests — there’s obviously room for more collection and transport system options.1 Enter the minitip foam swab for nasopharyngeal swab collection.

“COPAN Diagnostics recently added this versatile added this versatile and effective collection device to its arsenal of COVID-19 resources in an effort to provide as many collection tools as possible to the clinical market,” said COPAN Diagnostics’ CEO Norman Sharples. “When a specimen is collected with our minitip foam swab, the sample is instantly and spontaneously released into the liquid viral transport medium, providing rapid and automatic elution.”

While various specimen and swab types are approved for COVID-19 testing, nasopharyngeal samples are preferred since they generally yield the most sensitive test results.And an effective way to collect these specimens? Swabs, particularly the wee ones.3 

“Minitip swabs, as opposed to a regular-sized swab, are designed to reach deep into the nasal passages to reach the nasopharynx, which continues to be the preferred sampling site for COVID-19 and flu testing,” explained Sharples.

The specialized minitip foam swabs are typically used for nasopharyngeal sample collection and — thanks to their soft spongy texture and anatomical design — result in a comfortable experience for patients and a simpler process for physicians. In addition to improving patient care, when paired with UTM® Universal Transport Medium for COVID-19 testing, the foam swabs offer exceptional value and clinical outcomes to laboratories and point-of-care providers. Now available through Fisher Scientific, these devices are sterile and individually wrapped for safe and convenient collection.

So, it appears that this oh-so-cute foam swab is a feisty contender in the battle against COVID-19.


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