COPAN’s Core Values

At Copan, our core values reflect our dedication to employee engagement, safety, diversity, and growth. These values are not just integral to our identity; they are the pillars that support our work, drive innovation, and foster a positive, inclusive, and dynamic work environment.

A People-Centered Company

As a family-owned company, we emphasize the connections between people both inside and outside our organization. We champion enthusiastically collaborating across functions and partnering with scientific leaders to pioneer new ideas.

Employees are the Heart

Copan understands that our success hinges on effective teamwork and the active engagement of our employees. We are deeply committed to fostering our team’s development and well-being, as well as making meaningful contributions to the communities where we operate.

Employee Safety

The health and safety of our team members is always Copan’s top priority. We have established rigorous safety protocols and workplace standards to proactively identify and mitigate risks across all facilities. We ensure a secure, healthy, and supportive work environment through regular safety training, and a nurturing management structure, affirming our commitment to the overall safety and well-being of every team member.

Commitment to Diversity

Fundamental human rights like diversity, equity and inclusion morally align with Copan’s values of respect and care. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, COPAN ensures qualified candidates, regardless of background, receive fair consideration. Supporting all voices and people to thrive authentically drives our cultural progress.

A Fast Growing and Dynamic Company

Be a part of a dynamic, energetic, and rapidly growing company! COPAN Diagnostics has been growing over the years thanks to the contributions and coordinated effort of our team. Join a team of driven, positive, and like-minded individuals that together achieve exceptional goals.

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