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Teflon Specimen Cradle and Guides:

For guiding the large screw cap containers along the exit aisle and then into the specimen holding bin after processing

These three Teflon parts are autoclavable.

Additional Teflon Pallets:

Hold 6-12 specimens depending on the specimen container being processed

Docking Stations:

For tightly gripping specimen container prior to de-capping

Available in different sizes to hold different size containers

Docking Station Splash Protector Hepa Filters

Dual Triquetra Loop

Triquetra Inoculation Loops:

Each Triquetra loop is able to process 45,000 specimens over its lifespan

Available in 1μl, 10μl, 30μl and 50μl

Loop Calibration Tool:

Available for calibration of Triquetra Loops

Disposable Drip Tray

Used under the caps and swabs during plating process to prevent cross contamination

Sort-out Plate Stacker

Loop Adjustment Guide Tool

Roll of Plate Labels for Printer

Ink Roll for Printer

Robot Lubricant