SRK Sample Transport and Collection

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SRK is an acronym for Swab-Rinse-Kits, and they are rapid, simple, and low cost systems for assessing the microbial presence on various surfaces and equipment. Swabbing is one of the most widely used methods for microbiological examination of surfaces. An effective method for the detection and quantitation of microorganisms is to pre-moisten a swab with a solution before sampling and then to transport and rinse the swab after the sample collection for analysis. Pre-moistened swabs improve the uptake of sample material, particularly when sampling dry surfaces. The SRK line offers comprehensive sampling systems for the bio-pharmaceutical industry, the Food-Hygiene and Cosmetics industries and for biological sample collection.

Each SRK unit typically includes a labeled screw cap tube with a swab attached to the cap and the tube filled with a specified volume of rinse solution. Each unit constitutes a complete collection kit. SRK kits are available in bulk packs or sterile wrapped individually.

In addition to collection kits, Combo Sets are also available with two tubes: one screw cap tube with an attached sterile swab and filled with a small volume of saline solution for moistening the tip of the swab, and a second tube containing a nutrient broth to use as a rinse solution, as a diluent or as recovery medium.

Easy to Use

Inspectors and QA personnel can use SRK products on-site or in the field.

Wide Selection of Products for All Applications

Buffered Peptone Water, Letheen Broth, Butterfields, and Copan SRK Neutralizing Solution are the solutions available with different fill volumes and with a choice of different swab lengths to suit a wide range of industries and applications.

Bioburden Control System

Facilitates routine surface monitoring in sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing sites to determine the microbial bioburden of surfaces within a manufacturing areas as well as on equipment and product contact areas.

Sanitization Verification of Effective Disinfection

Convenient system for verification and validation of effective sanitization and disinfection.

Hygienic Assessment of Food Processing Environments

Enables routine hygiene monitoring of food contact surfaces and assessment of hygienic status of food processing environments.

Superior Method for Sampling Uneven or Irregular Surfaces,
Equipment, Difficult to Reach Sites and Heavily Contaminated Surfaces