“We use Copan flocked nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs for the collection of all respiratory specimens. Our studies have determined that Copan swabs are far superior when compared to traditional NP swabs and NP aspirates/washes for the recovery of cellular material, resulting in the increased detection of all types of respiratory viruses.”
Christine C. Ginocchio,
Ph. D., M. T. (ASCP)
Senior Director, Division of Microbiology, Virology and
Molecular Diagnostics
North Shore-LIJ Health System Laboratories
Lake Success, NY

COPAN Patented Flocked Swabs

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Copan’s Patented* Flocked Swabs comprise of a solid molded plastic applicator shaft with a tip that can vary in size and shape. The tip of the applicator is coated with short Nylon® fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion. This perpendicular arrangement results from a process called flocking, where the fibers are sprayed onto the tip of the swab, while it is held in an electrostatic field. This process creates a highly absorbent thin layer with an open structure. Unlike a traditional fiber wound swab, which resembles a mattress or cushion, a Copan Flock Swab has no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen– the entire sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution. The perpendicular Nylon® fibers act like a soft brush and allow improved collection of cell samples. Capillary action between the fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface allowing easy elution.

Copan Flocked Swabs are versatile and ideal for bacteriology samples, virology culture, DFA testing, rapid direct testing, EIA, PCR and molecular-based assays, as well as for forensic applications.

Ergonomic and Anatomic Design

For improved patient comfort and efficiency in specimen collection.

Rapid Automatic Elution

Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media.

Improved Sample Collection

Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects liquid by capillarity.

Quantitative Volume Transfer

Measureable and consistent uptake and transfer from patient to test tube.

US Patent # 10/543,873, European Patent #1608268,
Canadian Patent #2515205, Japanese Patent # 2007-523663,
Australian Patent #2004226798, New Zealand Patent #541560,
Chinese Patent #101103931

Flock Swab and Traditional Fiber Swab Comparison Video:

Better diagnostics begins with better samples, and better samples are obtained by using the best collection devices. Click to watch a brief video comparing the release effect of a traditional swab and a Flock Swab to see the difference.

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Flocked Swab Studies

Scientific studies show that Copan Flocked Swabs significantly improve the quantity of sample collected and released into various culture and assay systems, improving the sensitivity of tests and the quality of diagnostics.

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