CryoBank Bacterial Cultures Freezing Systems

CRYOBANK™ is an easy-to-use system for freezing bacterial cultures for later retrieval. CRYOBANK™ is based on a cryovial system that contains 25 color-coded chemically treated ceramic beads suspended in a special cryogenic preserving solution. The special cryogenic medium consists of a phosphate buffered saline supplemented with sucrose, glycerol, and peptone.
CRYOBANK™ offers a reliable, convenient and less expensive system for storing and preserving bacterial strains (including fastidious bacteria) over long periods. CRYOBANK™ permits the easy establishment of culture collections for laboratory accreditation and research purposes, providing a cost-effective alternative to lyophilization, repeated subculture or purchase of commercially available control organisms.

Easy to store

Unique storage boxes designed to fit freezer racks.

Easy to locate

Organism reference grid printed on lid allows easy indexing and location of cultures.


Suitable for all microbiology labs dealing with bacteria.


Long-term storage and preservation of fastidious organisms and retrieving fresh bacterial
strains when needed eliminates organism variation associated with repetitive sub-culturing.


Color coded to assist with categorization and multiple subcultures can be created within minutes.


Economic 64 tube presentation is less expensive than lyophilized commercial cultures.

Ordering Information

The CRYOBANK™ line is available in five configurations of four different colors. This ready to use system can be used by any microbiology laboratory including clinical, water, brewing, food, dairy, water, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories.


CAT. No.
Description Packaging
Vials of Red Beads
64 Vials
Vials of Green Beads
64 Vials
Vials of Yellow Beads
64 Vials
Vials of Blue Beads
64 Vials
Color Assortment (16 vials of each color)
64 Vials
Cryoblock - 18 well for maintenance
of vials at low temperature during use
1 Block

Product Brochure

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