Innovating Together

Serving Healthcare with Innovation in Specimen Collection and Full Laboratory Automation 

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Equip your laboratory for peak performance with Copan's unmatched, expertly engineered sample collection and transport devices and laboratory essentials.

Laboratory Automation & AI

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Unlock new levels of efficiency with Copan's transformative automation and AI innovations. Experience how our customized solutions support your team so you can focus on what matters most.

Scientific Studies


Explore our full library of scientific studies documenting the proven performance of our innovative collection devices, automation, and AI across diverse applications and workflows.

Innovation is in Our DNA

Copan (Collection and Preservation for Analysis) has been transforming pre-analytics since its founding in 1979—bringing a unique, collaborative approach to product development. Copan invented flocked swabs in 2004, which opened the door for a new age of sample collection & transport and technology that serves the laboratory and medical community.

“Imagine a laboratory where highly skilled technologists can simply and quickly result automated culture results, allowing them to spend their valuable time investigating complex cultures and consulting with clinicians regarding patient care. This is the power of Copan Automation and AI.”

Dr. Susan Sharp, PhD, (D)ABMM, (F)AAM, MS, MT(ASCP)

Scientific Director, Copan Diagnostics