UriSponge™: Frequently Asked Questions

July 14, 2020



What is Urisponge™? 

The UriSponge™ collection device combines a plastic tube and a screw cap with attached sponges impregnated with boric acid and sodium formate urine preservatives. Simply collect a sample by dipping the sponge momentarily into a urine specimen.

How is Urisponge™ Used? 

UriSponge™ is a easy-to-use urine collection and transport kit. Simply collect a sample by dipping the sponge momentarily into a urine specimen. Unlike other urine collection devices, UriSponge™ does not use urine transfer straws and hypodermic needles which add cost and potential for injury. Below are examples of guides that can be used to illustrate how to use UriSponge™ to collect urine samples.

Always read the manufacturer’s package insert for specific instructions regarding specimen collection and transport for the type of test kit being used.

Urisponge™ How-To Video

How to Use COPAN’s UriSponge™

Instructions for Use after Sample is Collected:

Step 1

Open the UriSponge™ tube, dip the sponge applicator into the urine sample for 5 seconds.

Step 2

Remove the sponge applicator from the urine sample and return it to the UriSponge™ tube and screw the cap to secure, and close the container.

Step 3

Label and transport UriSponge™ specimens in accordance with institutional requirements. Note: Do not add urine to the tube, other than the urine absorbed by the sponge.

How is the Urine Preserved?

Preservatives, Boric Acid, and Sodium Formate are chemically bonded to the sponge and are activated on contact with urine.

How Long Does the System Maintain the Viability of Bacteria?

UriSponge™ is able to maintain the viability of bacteria at refrigerated and room temperature conditions for up to 48 hours.

Is Urisponge™ Available in The United States?

Yes, UriSponge™ has been FDA cleared since 2018. UriSponge™ complies with the CLSI M40-A2: Quality Control of Microbiological Transport System Standard.

Can Urisponge™ Be Used with Automation?

Yes, UriSponge™ is packaged in plastic, ready-to-use tubes, which can easily be put onto WASP®DT automated specimen processor.

What are the Processing and Storage Requirements?

Immediately transfer UriSponge™ specimen(s) to the laboratory, preferably within 2 hours of collection. If immediate delivery or processing is delayed UriSponge™ specimens may be refrigerated at 2-8 °C or stored at room temperature (20-25 °C) and processed within 48 hours.

Where Can I Order Urisponge™?

UriSponge™ is supplied by the following distributors:

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