Evaluation of Two Newly Developed QIAsymphony SP Protocols for Efficient Isolation of Influenza Virus RNA from Diff. Respiratory Samples

Influenza is one of the most severe respiratory infections. The human population regularly experiences influenza pandemics. Novel influenza A (H1N1) virus, commonly known as swine flu, is a new influenza virus causing illness in humans. This new influenza virus was first detected in April 2009. Detection of influenza virus by real-time CR is sensitive and fast. The artus Infl./H1 LC/RG RT-PCR Kit contains an influenza A (H1N1) specific detection reagent, enabling additional detection of the 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus.
Sensitive detection of influenza RNA by real-time PCR requires purified RNA free inhibitors. Here, we report the suitability of the QIAsymphony SP for isolation of influenza RNA from different sample materials using the QIAsymphony Virus/Bacteria Mini Kit in combination with the Complex 200 protocol. In addition, this fully automated protocol is compared to a QIAsymphony protocol with manual off-board lysis.

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