Copan FecalSwab for the Detection of Enteric Pathogens Using the Nimbus and Allplex TM GI-Bacterial (I) Assay

Revised abstract:
Proper diagnosis of diarrheal diseases can be complex due to the variety of pathogens that can cause gastro-enteric infections. A specimen collection and transportation device that allows efficient nucleic acid extraction, Multiplex Real-Time PCR systems and culture confirmation is essential. Copan FecalSwabTM is an LBM device, consisting of a FLOQswabsTM and a tube with 2ml Cary-Blair medium, compatible with manual and WASPTM automated plating for culture, antigen and toxin detection and nucleic acids amplification assays. Nimbus (Hamilton) is an instrument for nucleic acid extraction and PCR set-up. AllplexTM GI-Bacteria (I) (Seegene) is a multiplex Real-Time PCR that detects 7 pathogens from stool.

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