Urine Specimen Collection, Preservation and Transport System

UriSponge™ 8C022S100.A 12x80 mm Urine Collection Device - Bulk Packaging

The UriSponge™ collection device combines a plastic tube and a screw cap with attached sponges impregnated with boric acid and sodium formate urine preservatives. Simply collect a sample by dipping the sponge momentarily into urine specimen.

The UriSponge™ allows safe collection and preservation of urine specimens without the added expense and hazard of hypodermic urine transfer straws.

UriSponge™ preservatives are evenly dispersed within the sponge applicator and are only activated upon contact with urine. This feature maintains the urine-to-preservative ratio, eliminating the need to adhere to precise fill lines, reducing bacterial inhibition from overexposure to preservatives or overgrowth associated with traditional vacuum boric acid systems.

UriSponge™ is in full compliance with the CLSI M40-A2: Quality Control of Microbiological Transport System Standard. This FDA cleared collection and transport system maintains viability of bacteria at refrigerated and room temperature for up to 48 hours.

UriSponge™ offers a pleasant clinical experience and exceptional laboratory value:

  • Automatically processed on WASP® using its built-in spinner, which easily elutes urine from the sponges prior to planting and streaking. If processed manually, simply centrifuge the tube to release urine from the sponge.
  • No hypodermic needle urine transfer straw needed, eliminating potential injury and sharps disposal costs.
  • Reduce repeat collections from patient due to inaccurate filling of boric acid tubes.
  • Maintains viability of bacteria at refrigerated and room temperature for up to 48 hours.

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