Rapid and Optimized Microbiology Sample Bulk Loader & Sorter

COPAN waspflo

Ideal for laboratories with multiple WASP®DT instruments or WASPLab® lines,

WASP-FLO™ utilizes either bulk hopper or manual rack system for automatic robotic sorting and loading samples onto conveyor tracks to quickly and efficiently distribute samples to specimen processing destinations using intelligent workload balancing software.

Streamline Specimen Loading

  • Dual-Robot high throughput system eliminates manual sorting and batching needed for feeding multiple WASP®DT instruments
  • Hopper holds and sorts up to 600 samples at a time and can process more than 450 samples per hour
  • Specimen input racks manages manage 40 to 70 specimens per rack
  • Manual loading racks allow the prioritization of STAT specimens
  • After processing, all samples are returned to RFID traceable output racks each with 99 positions for easy specimen retrieval if additional testing is required

COPAN's scalable solutions allow laboratories to implement WASP-FLO™ and other modules as needed. WASP-FLO™ can be added to an existing solution allowing laboratories the flexibility to grow over time.

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