COPAN Debuts WASPLab™ Incubator at MEDICA

COPAN Debuts WASPLab™ Incubator at MEDICA

December 6, 2010

The unveiling of the newest WASP® module is just one more example of the company’s constant innovation and dedication to serving the needs of the Microbiology community. With over 50 worldwide WASP® installations, the much anticipated new module is a welcome addition to the WASP® product line.

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FLOQSwabs™ Flocked Swabs by COPAN Conclusively Yield Better Accuracy and Detection of S. aureus than Traditional Fiber Swabs

FLOQSwabs™ by COPAN Conclusively Yield Better Accuracy and Detection of S. aureus than Traditional Fiber Swabs

November 16, 2010

A recent study conducted at University Hospital of Saint- Etienne in France unambiguously concluded that in comparison to traditional rayon fiber swabs, the use of FLOQSwabs™ by Copan leads to more accurate results in the rapid screening for S. aureus nasal carriage.

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Copan Secures Japanese Patent for its Flocked Swab Innovation

September 10, 2010

Copan announced this week that it has received the Japanese patent for its use of flocking technology to manufacture its line of flocked swabs (FLOQSwabs™).

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Copan Redefines Automated Specimen Processing with Groundbreaking New Features

June 15, 2010

Copan unveiled new groundbreaking features of its Walk- Away Specimen Processor (WASP®) while attending the 110th General Meeting for the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) in San Diego, California this past May. Copan’s line of automation was introduced to the…

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Copan Installs Milestone 30th Walk-Away Specimen Processor (WASP®)

June 3, 2010

Copan is proud to announce the 30th placement of a Walk-Away Specimen Processor (WASP®), at Eastern Health, Newfoundland, in Canada. The WASP® is a revolutionary instrument used for automatically planting and streaking bacteriology samples. So far, WASP® processors have been successfully installed, with favorable reviews, throughout North America and Europe, including the United States, Canada, Belgium, Italy, UK, Holland, and France, among others.

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legacy COPAN WASP with grey background

Copan Diagnostics Inc. Takes Innovation in Preanalytics a Step Further, Developing Automation for Gram Slide Preparation

March 23, 2010

Committed to rapidly responding to customer needs, Copan is the first to introduce this type of automation in the market and credits its quick reaction time to an infrastructure in which all know-how and operations are maintained in-house.

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Copan Diagnostics, Inc. Unveils Redesigned Website for Improved Customer Experience

January 3, 2010

Copan Diagnostics, Inc. has recently launched a totally new website as the company continues to grow and diversify. In the spirit of innovation and creativity, Copan’s new site is filled with informational tools, such as scientific studies, educational training videos, brochures, news and events, technical information, and more. The main focus of Copan Diagnostics’ new website is an improved user experienc

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ASM recommends Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs as the Specimen of Choice for Influenza A Testing (including H1N1)

October 27, 2009

Endorsement of Copan nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs as the specimen of choice for Influenza testing follows the publication of numerous clinical studies that demonstrate equivalent or better test results when compared with NP aspirates or washes.

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Copan Announces Multimillion Expansion of its US Operations

August 26, 2009

Despite tough economic times, Copan is proud to announce the expansion of its US operations. A new multimillion dollar investment project is being undertaken to bring plastic transfer pipet and additional medical device manufacturing operations to Copan Diagnostics, in Murrieta, California. The expansion plan includes the addition of blow molding machinery to expand Copan’s current capabilities, as well as to create local jobs.

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UTM™ flocked swab Tube Available This Flu Season

CDC Recommends Copan-Manufactured Viral Transport Media and Flocked Swabs for Collection of H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus

May 5, 2009

The CDC recommends the use of synthetic tip swabs, such as Flocked Swabs, which exhibit a superior recovery of viruses. Several independent scientific studies published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and presented at Clinical Virology Symposium show that the quality of the sample taken using Copan Flocked Swabs is comparable to the quality of a sample collected from a nasopharyngeal aspirate or nasal was, which are considered the gold standard for upper respiratory virus samples.

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