FecalSwab® for Friendlier Pediatrics

September 28, 2015

FecalSwab® offers pediatricians a more convenient collection and transport system for enteric sampling.

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Oh FLOQ, it’s Flu Season

September 21, 2015

Flu Season means is a time for preparation! COPAN FLOQSwabs and UTM are great for the collection, preservation of transportation of flu viruses.

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COPAN’s ESwab™ Tests Well Against the Gold Standard Transport System for Maintenance of Fastidious Anaerobic Bacteria Viability

August 26, 2015

COPAN’s ESwab™ proves to be an acceptable alternative to costly anaerobe transport systems.

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Helping Children in Africa, One Anatomically Designed FLOQSwab® at a Time

August 3, 2015

COPAN’s innovative flocked swabs (FLOQSwabs®) have been found to improve the diagnosis for the leading cause of death in young children: Diarrheal Disease.

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ASM – New Orleans

July 23, 2015

It is no secret that the annual ASM General Meeting, is one of the most anticipated events in our industry. This year, ASM took us to “The Big Easy,” New Orleans, LA, to celebrate COPAN Diagnostics’ 20 years of having the pleasure to serve North and South America! For the occasion, we showcased many new innovations at our very visual new booth.

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