Year: 2011

US Patent Office Grants COPAN Invention of Flocked Swabs

December 22, 2011

The US Patent Office has awarded COPAN the much-awaited patent for its flocked swabs invention for collection and transfer of biological samples. This grant, deriving from a very thorough and careful examination, strengthens COPAN’s patent portfolio around the World for its flocked swab invention. COPAN’s revolutionary invention has now been awarded patents in every Country* where it had been filed.

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COPAN Flock Technologies Launches New Website in Chinese to Serve Burgeoning IVD and Medical Device Manufacturers in China

December 5, 2011

COPAN has proudly announced this week the launch of the Chinese version of the Copan Flock Technologies website. Copan Flock Technologies (CFT) is unique within the COPAN group in many respects. CFT’s business-to-business strategy serves wholesale needs for sample collection, transport, preservation, and processing of diagnostic, biotechnology and life science companies, including forensics. Copan Flock Technologies is backed by the group’s extensive scientific expertise in specimen management from the moment the sample is taken until it arrives in the testing laboratory.

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Revisiting Best Practices for Respiratory Virus Testing as Flu Season Draws Near

October 10, 2011

In the September, 2011 Journal of Clinical Microbiology, COPAN’s flocked swabs were cited as an important advance in testing for respiratory viruses. The JCM article “Current Best Practices for Respiratory Virus Testing” by Christine Ginocchio and Alexander MacAdam considers current issues in diagnostic testing for respiratory viruses including best methods for detection, sample handling and testing for antiviral resistance.

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COPAN WASP® Lands at Prestigious Boston Medical Center

October 3, 2011

Boston Medical Center (BMC) in Boston Massachusetts, USA, recently took delivery of their long-awaited WASP® (Walk Away Specimen Processor), which includes a Gram SlidePrep™ Module. The acquisition was concomitant with the inauguration of BMC’s new clinical laboratory facilities, and BMC’s ongoing efforts to optimize patient care by consolidating resources and improving workflow within the lab.

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Winner of COPAN’s “I Love COPAN Flocked Swabs” Promotion is Announced

August 1, 2011

Tami Brown, is the happy winner of the “I love COPAN Flocked Swabs Promotion.” COPAN ran the promotion from March 2011 to May 2011, and it was publicized in different magazines and industry events. Tami’s name was randomly selected from all the entries, and she became the winner of a trip for two to Italy.

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COPAN Automated Specimen Processing, Digital Workup and Reporting in Microbiology during AACC Clinical Lab Expo

COPAN Announces Workshop on Automated Specimen Processing, Digital Workup and Reporting in Microbiology during AACC Clinical Lab Expo

July 19, 2011

Norman Sharples, COPAN Diagnostics’ Executive VP, discusses today’s challenges in Microbiology and the move towards liquid based samples. Liquid Based Microbiology, LBM, opens the door to specimen standardization and streamlined processing, similar to that seen in Chemistry and Hematology. He will present what these changes mean for automated specimen processing in Microbiology, especially related to revolutionary remote Bacteriology through WASPLab™ image acquisition and analysis.

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China Grants COPAN Patent for Flocked Swabs

China Grants COPAN Patent for Flocked Swabs

June 27, 2011

COPAN announced this week that it has received the Chinese patent for its invention of flocked swabs, FLOQSwabs™, for collection and transfer of biological samples.

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COPAN Announces Strategic Global Distribution Partnership with Siemens

June 6, 2011

The strategic distribution partnership announcement came in light of the worldwide launch of WASPLab™, which is a barcode driven and conveyor- connected specimen processing system which utilizes robotic plate management and image analysis to automate specimen processing and workup in Microbiology.

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COPAN Announces the Launch of WASPLab™

April 28, 2011

COPAN is proud to announce the worldwide launch of WASPLab ™, a barcode driven and conveyor-connected specimen processing system, which utilizes robotic plate management to automate specimen workflow in Microbiology.

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