Year: 2009

ASM recommends Nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs as the Specimen of Choice for Influenza A Testing (including H1N1)

October 27, 2009

Endorsement of Copan nasopharyngeal Flocked Swabs as the specimen of choice for Influenza testing follows the publication of numerous clinical studies that demonstrate equivalent or better test results when compared with NP aspirates or washes.

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Copan Announces Multimillion Expansion of its US Operations

August 26, 2009

Despite tough economic times, Copan is proud to announce the expansion of its US operations. A new multimillion dollar investment project is being undertaken to bring plastic transfer pipet and additional medical device manufacturing operations to Copan Diagnostics, in Murrieta, California. The expansion plan includes the addition of blow molding machinery to expand Copan’s current capabilities, as well as to create local jobs.

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UTM™ flocked swab Tube Available This Flu Season

CDC Recommends Copan-Manufactured Viral Transport Media and Flocked Swabs for Collection of H1N1 (Swine Flu) Virus

May 5, 2009

The CDC recommends the use of synthetic tip swabs, such as Flocked Swabs, which exhibit a superior recovery of viruses. Several independent scientific studies published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and presented at Clinical Virology Symposium show that the quality of the sample taken using Copan Flocked Swabs is comparable to the quality of a sample collected from a nasopharyngeal aspirate or nasal was, which are considered the gold standard for upper respiratory virus samples.

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