“My laboratory spent almost 2 years testing and validating Copan 4N6 Flocked Swabs for forensic use. All our findings and comments are just highly positive. We are routinely using the Copan Flocked Swabs for forensic sampling both, at the crime scene and in the laboratory, but also for monitoring of contamination in our DNA laboratory and reference sampling. Introducing Copan Flocked Swabs to the forensic practise rapidly increased the quality of results produced, especially in terms of stain recovery, reproducibility and sensitivity. Copan Flocked Swabs are also “automation friendly” and have a superior WYSIWYG (“WHAT YOU SWAB IS WHAT YOU GET”) feature related to the recovery of swabbed DNA material.”
RNDr. Daniel Vanek, Ph.D.
Forensic DNA Service, s.r.o.
Prague, Czech Republic

4N6 DNA Patented Flocked Swab line

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In Forensic investigations, the quality of the DNA samples plays a crucial role in identification applications and an insufficient sample from a crime scene could compromise the whole investigation. As forensic DNA laboratories experience higher demand to process large numbers of evidence samples, having enough quantity of DNA for downstream DNA identification applications becomes vital.

Using Copan Flocked Swabs as the key component of the 4N6 DNA Swab line, Copan created a collection system that is easy to use and it is ideal for collection of DNA evidence at crime scenes or from suspects and victims for collection of buccal swabs samples or blood stains. The patented technology behind the Flocked Swabs consists of sprayed-on Nylon® fibers arranged in a uniform perpendicular fashion. This fiber arrangement results in tremendous capillary hydraulics that rapidly absorbs evidence for efficient sampling of even places where the amount of sample is limited. The superior release of the Flocked Swabs compared to traditional fiber swabs becomes critical when the sample is scarce. By recovering over 90% of the evidence using Copan unique Nylon® 4N6 Flocked Swab, assay sensitivity increases and DNA recovery is maximized.


Ready to Use

Convenient kit format for collection of DNA evidence at crime scenes or from suspects and victims. Can be used for collection of buccal swab samples and blood stains. Simply collect, snap and ship. Just peel open the pouch, collect the sample and snap the applicator shaft into the cuvette-tube provided.

Rapid Absorption

Sprayed-on Nylon® fibers arranged in a uniform perpendicular fashion results in tremendous hydraulics to rapidly absorb the sample.

Superior Sample Release

Open fiber structure means no sample entrapment as it occurs with traditional fiber swabs.

Increased Assay Sensitivity

4N6 DNA Swabs are proven to elute more than 90% of the original sample rapidly and easily resulting in improved assay sensitivity.

Certified Free of Inhibitors and Interference

Collection swabs are certified DNase, RNase-Free and Human DNA-Free. They are also free of any PCR inhibitors. Certificate of analysis available for each lot of manufacture.

Highly Suited for Automation

4N6 DNA Swabs release only minute amounts of fiber during extraction procedures compared with traditional fiber wound swabs. This avoids any risk of blockage of pipeting tips and probes used by liquid handling robotics.

DNA Swab Sampling: How 4N6 Forensic Collection Transport System Works

4N6 Forensic Collection System is easy to use. Click to watch a brief video on how to collect a buccal samples using Copan 4N6 line.

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Sample collection capacity,
assay sensitivity, DNase-free, RNase-free, human DNA-free, PCR inhibitor free status, and suitability for automated DNA extraction are the core features of the 4N6 DNA Flocked Swabs line. Click here to read more about 4N6 DNA Flocked Swabs’ high efficiency of biological sample release from the swab from crimes scene sampling >