Copan is an acronym of COllection and Preservation for ANalysis.
This acronym defines the Company’s commitment to the development of innovative products primarily for the Pre-Analytical phase of the testing process. This dedication is no more apparent than in its line of Bacteriology products, which includes traditional transport systems, sterile dry swabs, innovations like ESwab™ and Copan Flocked Swabs, and complementary products like loops, the biohazard transportation container compatible system A2B, and CRYOBANK™ for long-term freeze storage and retrieval of pure cultures of bacteria or QC strains.

Copan’s original mainstay is its range of bacteriology collection and transport systems: the Transystem line of Liquid Stuart, Stuart Agar Gel, Liquid Amies, Amies Agar Gel with or without Charcoal, Cary-Blair Gel, and M40 Transystem. These systems incorporate Rayon or Polyester fiber swabs and tubes of liquid or agar gel transport medium. Launched in 2005, ESwab™, comprising of a flocked swab and a tube with 1ml of Liquid Amies, is the most technologically advanced transport system for microbiology. The patented flocked swab technology used with ESwab™ collects more sample and immediately elutes it into liquid phase for multiple sample aliquots for multi-test capabilities.

To complement Copan transport medium swabs, the company offers a line of plain sterile Dry Swabs in peel pouches and in labeled transporting tubes. This dry swab line is available with plastic and minitip metallic applicators with different types of fiber tips including Rayon, Polyester and Alginate. Additionally, an entire range of Flocked Swabs is available in peel pouches and in labeled tubes.

Once samples have been received in the laboratory they have to be processed, planted and streaked. To do so, the most significant innovation for specimen processing including planting streaking in microbiology has been the introduction of Copan WASP®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor, a fully automated system that allows the microbiologist to load and walk away while the instrument automatically plants and streaks any sample.

From the moment of specimen collection to transport, preservation, specimen receipt, planting and streaking, Copan is committed to innovate to improve and optimize the entire pre-analytical process.

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SLsolution & Sputum Dipper™
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