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  • We are Copan. We were the kids that made our parents crazy by turning over every stepping stone in the yard who investigate the worlds that exist underneath. We were the science students that got butterflies in our stomach on lab day. We doodled, we invented, we designed and we dreamed. We love to solve problems with creative solutions, and we still do. The best part is that now, we do it together.
  • We are Copan. We are innovation fueled by the power of collaboration, curiosity and determination. We love the challenge of getting to that next eureka moment and creating solutions for our customers. Collaboration that recognizes the best ideas that come from anywhere; and we have tireless, passionate and creative minds that live to crack those riddles. We see innovation as an open endeavor that thrives with participation from all stakeholders. Leadership, it's in our DNA to create not replicate. Human, we are parents, children, brothers and sisters. We're proud to play an important role in safeguarding public health. Our products may be used at the beginning of the process but we never ever forget that there's a human being at the end.
  • We are Copan. Innovating together.


January 9, 2015
Strategic alliance between bioMérieux and COPAN to automate clinical microbiology laboratories and enhance their operational efficiency
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How Liquid Based Microbiology Can Change the Workflow in the Microbiology Laboratories >
This paper illustrate how Liquid Based Microbiology (LBM) can positively change laboratory workflow. LBM allows clinical specimen optimization and has several important advantages: cost reduction (due to the smaller number of different devices used), time savings for medical or nursing staff (less confusion in collection device selection and fewer samples being collected), time savings for laboratory staff (fewer samples to access and handle for individual investigations), and patient comfort improvement (multiple sample collection can be avoided).

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